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Whether you’re in an office building, chemical plant, college campus, bank, hospital or a gated community, you’ll find Global Security Patrol — on the scene and trained to secure your facilities. For over 12 years, Global Security Patrol has been the recognized security industry leader. We have pioneered many security standards used to keep businesses and communities safe.

Short Term?  Long Term?  Special Events?  Standing Officer?  Mobile Checks?  Armed?  Unarmed?


Mobile patrol officers are highly trained to respond to security and convenience needs 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. Fully marked vehicles, fully uniformed officers and professional demeanor ensures a professional security presence for your property.

Our mobile patrol vehicles are fully marked late model vehicles, with light bars equipped with takedown lights, alley lights and a directional traffic control system as well as side mounted high intensity spotlights. Our radio system is compatible with the 450-800 MHz broadcast band and we also utilize Nextel Direct Connect™ Cellular Telephones, both inside and out of the patrol vehicle to maintain direct contact with our 24 Hour Dispatch Center. Each vehicle is equipped with a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, chains and locks, emergency roadside assistance equipment and barricade tape. Mobile Patrol Vehicles are also GPS Equipped, allowing monitoring of speed and location at any given time during patrol.

Our mobile patrol officers will provide random security inspections of your property both inside and out on a schedule of your choosing.  We encourage random checks as this does not allow anybody who may be watching your business the opportunity to establish a pattern and thus know when it is "safe" to commit their crimes.  When our officer arrives, they will perform the duties that you have hired us to perform.  Some clients request only spotlight checks of all doors and windows, some request that we physically check all doors and windows, and some have even requested that we inform them what color the water is in their pool!  

The bottom line is that we know you have expectations from a security firm for the price you are paying, and it is our intention to make sure that you get the absolute most for your money!

Bicycle and/or Golf Cart Patrol is one of the most highly visible and customer friendly types of patrol available. The bicycle and/or golf cart is the quickest mode of transportation available in a parking lot environment. The bicycles and/or golf cart and uniforms used are professional in appearance for effective security presence.

A professional officer standing post on your site promotes safety and deters the criminal element. Global Security Patrol uniforms are professional in appearance, highly visible and demand respect. The manner in which our officers present themselves promote the professionalism and training they have attained, as well as demonstrates the clients commitment to the safety and security of their patrons.  Officers assigned to sites are required to complete a daily activity report (DAR) that documents all unusual and/or suspicious activity that took place during their shift, action taken if any as well as note any safety hazards that they come across (IE: exterior lighting inoperative, etc.).  Officers check doors of businesses that are closed to ensure they are locked, escort employees to their vehicles and enforce local ordinances in regards to skateboarding, loitering/trespassing, panhandling and parking.

In addition to the GPS tracking that comes standard with all Mobile Patrol Vehicles, for an additional fee we can implement an electronic tour accountability system on your property for either standing or mobile patrol officers.  This system involves the placement of several small sensors in areas around your property that the officer is required to touch with an electronic wand every time they visit your location.  At the end of the shift, the officer downloads the wand into a secure computer for review and confirmation by Global Security Patrol management staff.  A report is then generated which is sent to the client at their request.

Our fully marked and uniformed officers provide a real deterrent to vandalism and property damage. We'll also pick up your paper and your mail, and put it in a pre-determined location (at your request). Upon your return, a report will be generated detailing what was done and when it was done while you were away, and all your property will be returned. We offer both standing guard as well as mobile patrol checks for this service.

We offer a low cost employee stand-by service that several businesses have found to be adequate for protecting their employees that work late night shifts.  When closing for the evening, our Mobile Patrol Officer will stand by while night deposits are made and ensure employees safely reach their vehicles.

After hours lockout service is provided for commercial or residential properties at their expense on a "On-Call" basis or during on-site hours. Vehicle lockout coverage is not provided, in which case A tow truck can be called by either our officer or our 24 Hour Dispatch Center. Services will be provided based upon clients approved practices and policies.

If you need Temporary, Overnight, Long Term or a Primary Security Provider:

We Are Here To Serve You.

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