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"So what sets Global Security Patrol Officers apart from other Contract Security Providers?"

We hold our officers and management staff to a high expectation of excellence and professionalism, both in appearance and work ethic. Our officers mean more to us than merely a "Warm Body in a Uniform making Minimum Wage", which is exemplified in their overall appearance, demeanor and attitude towards their job that simply demands respect from everybody that they encounter. When you see a Global Security Patrol Officer standing post at your place of business or patrolling your property, you see a Professional at work, ready to give 110% to their job.

We also provide encouragement and incentives to our officers to continue their secondary education in the form of pay raises, potential for advancement and a comprehensive benefits package that includes paid vacations, health insurance, a retirement plan, flexible schedules and much more that is almost unheard of in the Contract Security Industry.  Several of our officers also have previous experience in Law Enforcement and/or Military Service, and entry level officers have used their experience with Global Security Patrol to go on to careers in Law Enforcement and/or Military Service.

You may have noticed that you never see advertisements for Global Security Patrol on the television, radio or even the phone book.  This is because we feel that the money we would spend on such things is better spent on our officers in the form of pay increases, on uniforms and equipment, training and investing in the most up to date technological advances in the security industry.  Even this website you are looking at now is not something that was outsourced, but one that was designed and maintained by our own officers!

The end result: A employee turnover rate substantially lower than the national average and numerous satisfied clients in both the public and private sectors.

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